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Process - Safety comes first


Weidmüller is committed to providing customers with products and services conforming to both our high international standards as well as international quality and safety standards. Wherever connections are made within electrical distribution systems or within controls and monitoring systems, Weidmüller products help maintain signal accuracy, reliability and stability.

Weidmüller products are used in all types of process applications and environments – from power generation and distribution plants to offshore and onshore hazardous area applications for the oil, gas and chemical industries.


Weidmüller products are certified in accordance with all major international standards, including the new European ATEX directives. Moreover Weidmüller has become known as the de-facto standard when it comes to electrical connection products in hazardous areas. Many nuclear stations use Weidmüller products and Weidmüller is the only manufacturer with terminals tested to IEEE standards 323 (1983) and 344 (1987), for Class 1E equipment, i.e. for equipment used within nuclear containment areas both inside and outside the containment area.


While environmental conditions in both power and water treatment plants can be difficult for electrical connections, Weidmüller has provided solutions to withstand conditions such as high vibration, temperature and humidity. Protecting power supplies and low voltage systems from voltage surges, including lightning discharges is another Weidmüller speciality.

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