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Power Solid State Relays

Weidmuller launches all-new wear-free and noiseless Power Solid-State Relays


Leading worldwide electrical connectivity supplier Weidmuller, has released its new family of Power Solid-State Relays (PSSR).


The electronic PSSRs deliver an unrestricted service life because they are wear-free. The units have no mechanical contacts which can be worn away by arcs and sparks, ensuring their longevity.


Plus, the PSSR devices are high shock and vibration resistant. Silent, they cause no disturbances and deliver exceptional performance.


Highly reliable, the single-phase models offer fast response times, and are far quicker than a mechanical switch. They also feature a large switching capacity - from 24 to 510VAC - and also monitor high AC loads.


The optional, plug-on monitoring module warns users when current drops by 16% or more. It detects short-circuits, line-breaks and defective loads to help deliver peace of mind. The PSSR variant with a 35A load current features a high l2t load-current characteristic of 6,000 A2S and can be used for inexpensive line protection with standard circuit breakers.


Further, the 70 A phase control unit with analogue input (4-20mA) allows users to set up heating controls or the power control of single-phase motors.


Robust and easy to use, the tall and lean Weidmuller PSSR modules are available both with and without a heat sink and can be installed directly where needed at the site of application.


With a choice of 8 devices customised to meet a multitude of diverse requirements, the units are perfect for use in the process industry, railway applications as well as in machine and plant manufacturing. Capable of handling the most demanding of tasks, the units can be used in trace heating, phase-fired controllers for motors, infrared heaters and permanent current monitoring.


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