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Innovations for Device Manufacturer

Practical connectivity for your industry
Our innovations 2014


For flexible device design with fully automatic SMD installation
OMNIMATE Signal LSF-SMD combines efficient connectivity with freedom of design
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PCB sockets RJ45

Efficient device connection for Industrial Ethernet interfaces
Our RJ45 connection components for PCBs meet the highest demands
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2-pole voltage testers

Simple testing in compliance with standards
With our 2-pole voltage tester including integral buzzer function
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stripax® stripping tool and AM 16 sheathing stripper

Easy stripping of cables with hard, complex insulation
stripax® ULtimate and AM 16 accelerate your cable processes
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PZ 6 Roto L

Need to crimp in hard-to-reach places
Then reach for our PZ 6 Roto L
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