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Experts predict an increase in global power consumption of around 60 percent by 2030. Industrialisation in the emerging markets and changes to power concepts in industrialised nations form the background to the paradigm shift: smart processes and new technologies for generation, distribution and consumption are gaining in importance. Added to this are changes in the power plant landscape and the development of power storage solutions. New power concepts like these represent both an opportunity and a challenge for the entire industry.


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Panels with more power

Weidmüller delivers customised combiner box solutions for First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 modules.

Sunny prospects for cost efficiency

Competitive pressure is mounting in generation of renewable energy. This requires solutions that contribute to decreased downtimes and increased cost efficiency. PV SMART, the new generation of combiner boxes, is designed specifically to meet these requirements.

Strong partnership between Weidmüller and meteocontrol

Weidmüller’s combiner boxes with integrated string monitoring make it possible for monitoring and SCADA system manufacturer meteocontrol to carry out smooth monitoring of the entire photovoltaic park.

Wind farm monitoring – an investment that pays off

Wind turbines and their blades are exposed at all times to the forces of nature. If damage isn’t identified quickly, high costs can result. Permanent monitoring with BLADEcontrol® provides protection against these risks.

Moving towards greater returns and less risk

Weidmüller’s Condition Monitoring system BLADEcontrol® has proven essential in ensuring the optimal output of wind turbines, and has won over users from all over the world.

Power comes to light

FieldPower® Wind Energy proves to be thoroughly illuminating in the pilot installation of wind turbine manufacturer Nordex and, as a modular LED system solution, facilitates the rapid and uncomplicated installation of eight additional plants.

Environmental conditions of superlatives

Deserts in the north of Chile are one of the driest places on earth. Specifically adapted to their extreme environmental conditions, Weidmüller bundles high-quality components to provide innovative solutions.

Subsequent expansions made easy

A customised Weidmüller solution package comprising signal splitters, power-feed modules and rail bus is scoring points in the optimisation measures currently undertaken at a coal-fired power plant in southern Turkey. The main benefits include the impressively low installation costs and savings on materials.