Abaled – Control of LED lighting technology

PCB terminals of the LSF-SMD series convince in LED lighting systems and support lighting expert Abaled in creating long-lasting solutions

Abaled – Control of LED lighting technology
Stainless steel keypads to operate the LED lighting systems

Professional LED lighting is the core business of Abaled GmbH, which specialises in lighting for gardens, commercial buildings and spas as well as ambient lighting and customised lighting solutions.

Abaled uses durable technology to offer customers the peace of mind of an investment that will last. And the LED experts are equally exacting when it comes to selecting individual components.

Two soldering pads per pole ensure high mechanic stability

Custom stainless steel keypads for operating our LED lighting systems

“To operate our RGB LED lighting systems we offer custom stainless steel keypads. For shorter distances they are wired in parallel and for longer distances we use RS485 interfaces for data transfer. The keypads are usually installed in standard flush-mounted sockets,“ says Silvan Hartwig, managing director of Abaled GmbH.

“This creates certain requirements for the connections, which Weidmüller fully satisfied with the PCB terminal LSF-SMD 3.50/11/180 SN BK RL.“ One of PCB terminal's features that made it ideal for Abaled's purposes is the SMD configuration, which allowed the PCB to be populated on both sides.

Easy installation thanks to the tool-free PUSH IN connection technology

The tool-free PUSH IN connection technology with unlocking pusher also makes it very easy to install. Because the terminal can handle small to medium conductor cross-sections, it offers maximum flexibility. Other benefits include the terminal's compact height and high contact density within a spacing of 3.5 mm.

Thanks to some excellent support from Weidmüller sales representative Michael Martin in the design-in process and the efficient delivery of samples, Abaled was able to take its stainless steel keypads into production quickly and easily.

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