Human Resources

At Weidmüller, we are aware that the performance of a company is largely dependent on the people in the company

Human Resources

What makes us different?

Qualified employees who are passionate about the daily challenges in their areas of responsibility are essential in ensuring a company's success. Our Human Resources Management is dedicated to the task of shaping the system of work at Weidmüller, thereby ensuring the future viability of the company.

It is both an aspiration and a challenge to reconcile the requirements of the company with the interests of the employees. As a result, personnel planning and recruitment are just as central to Human Resources Management as the consistent promotion of the potential of all employees. This includes programmes on occupational safety and health management as well as fair, transparent and competitive remuneration systems.


The corporate culture at Weidmüller is characterised by friendly cooperation and appreciative behaviour among all employees and across all levels. We value diversity and know about the strengths of diverse teams. After all, you can only see the whole picture if you look at something from every angle. Racism and discrimination have no place at Weidmüller, which is also highlighted by our commitment to Diversity charter.

All of our employees enjoy a great deal of freedom and scope for decision-making in their respective areas of work, but freedom also means taking responsibility for one's own actions. In order to meet this demand in the long term, we continuously strive for cultural development that can meet the growing challenges in a globalised, rapidly changing and increasingly digitalised world.

Motivating work environment

In order to support the cooperative, self-reliant working culture at Weidmüller, great importance is attached to a motivating working environment. The Customer and Technology Center, which was opened in 2019, not only connects various locations in Detmold but also creates a state-of-the-art working environment for over 600 employees. State-of-the-art communication technology, a great deal of transparency thanks to open room concepts and flexibility thanks to mobile partitions promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and ensure a productive environment in which ideas can become reality.

The concept is increasingly being implemented in other buildings and locations. Jobs in production and logistics are also increasingly starting to follow the requirements regarding teamwork and flexibility, and not to mention the highest standards of occupational safety and sustainable management. Monotonous, ergonomically unfavourable activities are becoming increasingly automated and the collaboration between humans and robots is developing on a continual basis. This is where we gain experience, which is also beneficial to us when advising our customers.

Digitalisation and New Work

An attractive working environment is, however, only one facet of the new working world at Weidmüller. The increasing dynamism in economic processes and social development require a high innovation speed as well as agile, market-oriented and customer-oriented action. As a result, employees too are continually facing new requirements with regard to flexibility and adaptability. The task of Human Resources Management is to enable employees to acquire change management skills and to support the corresponding processes. Agile working methods, the option to work independently of time and place and a structured familiarisation process are just some of the elements used by Weidmüller to ensure that both long-serving and new employees can help to shape the future.


We have brought all of the training topics in the company together under the umbrella of the Weidmüller Academy. This is where we look after the training of our junior staff, via an extensive range of apprenticeships and dual study places. Our digital learning management system is at the heart of our employees' continuing education. This system contains a comprehensive range of online courses and digital knowledge resources that can be accessed around the clock, including on mobile devices. These services are supplemented by numerous classroom training sessions and extensive topic-specific or target-group-specific education programmes, such as specific programmes for managers or programmes covering topics such as feedback or agile project management.

The Weidmüller Academy also offers our customers training on products and applications.