Industrial Gateway

Solutions for interference-free data transmission over long distances

Industrial Gateway

The perfect link for data communication

A single solution for connecting multiple devices, across multiple protocols. In systems where the installed base includes Industrial Ethernet and/or serial protocols, establishing communication across devices is critical and upgrading the equipment isn’t always feasible. The Industrial Gateway is the most cost-effective way to move data between multiple PLCs and slave (server) devices, each with a different protocol, saving you time, money and the headache of configuring multiple gateway devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Single Solution: Multiple protocols, multiple communication ports, one box
  • Configurable: Transfer data to and from any port, in any combination
  • Multiple serial ports: Maximum device connectivity
  • Cost effective: The functionality of multiple gateways for the price of one
  • Intuitive navigation: Consistent configuration for any protocol conversions
  • No software to install: Browser-based configuration
  • No PLC programming: Transfer data without editing PLC code
  • Context-Sensitive help: Fully searchable with images and step-by-step instructions only one click away

Product at a glance

  • The Industrial Gateway supports 12 protocols (the equivalent of 15 one-to-one protocol gateway devices). The more protocols you need bridged, the more savings you gain.
  • The Industrial Gateway features 2 or 4 serial ports that operate simultaneously. This allows you to connect multiple devices with a single gateway. Additionally, each port can be configured with a different protocol.
  • The Industrial Gateway features two Ethernet ports that supports multiple protocols, simultaneously. This allows you to connect multiple devices with a single gateway.
  • The Industrial Gateway supports data transfers to and from any port, in any combination (Ethernet to Ethernet, Ethernet to Serial, Serial to Serial).


  • Widely used in F&B, automotive and pulp & paper.
  • Supports DF1 protocol, which is highly used in water and wastewater.
  • Transform toward smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 while retaining existing legacy equipment in the factory.
  • Maintain continuity with functional legacy systems while upgrading to new systems, including PLC and monitoring systems.
  • Control the migration from one PLC brand to another.
  • Integrate a machine where the PLC program cannot be modified.


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