Weidmüller at “Husum Wind 2019” – Hall 85, Booth B32

Weidmüller at “Husum Wind 2019” – Hall 85, Booth B32
Weidmüller develops solutions with which customers can operate wind power installations efficiently and achieve optimal yield

Weidmüller at “Husum Wind 2019” – Hall 85, Booth B32

Husum Wind 2019: New solution concepts for maximum profitability. – Minimise downtime with BLADEcontrol®. – Increased efficiency and safety with LED system solutions. – Cost-effective maintenance thanks to screw monitoring.

At this year's "Husum Wind", the leading trade fair for the wind power industry, Weidmüller is presenting innovative solutions for wind power installations. Highlights presented by Weidmüller at the fair include the BLADEcontrol® Condition Monitoring System with connection to fibre optic systems, the "Field Power® Wind Energy" lighting and installation system, as well as Screw Monitoring. Specialists from the Weidmüller "Wind Team" will be available to a strike up a lively conversation with customers every day of the trade fair.

BLADE-Control® Condition Monitoring System

This year at Husum Wind, Weidmüller will present BLADEcontrol®, a system for the monitoring of rotor blades in wind power installations. With the BLADEcontrol® monitoring system, any damage can be precisely detected. To this end, the system continuously records the condition of each rotor blade and detects even minor changes. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result, problems are identified much earlier than with visual inspections, as progressing of damage in an uncontrolled manner is prevented. The risk of expensive repairs is reduced, and the economic efficiency of the entire installation increases. In addition to damage to the rotor blades themselves, BLADEcontrol® can also detect aerodynamic imbalances, loose parts in the blade and misalignments of the hubs or pitch. The system therefore makes an additional contribution to the operational reliability of the installation and helps ensure a high energy yield. BLADEcontrol® has been continuously certified by Germanischer Lloyd (currently: DNV GL) since 2008 and is the leading solution for rotor blades and for damage detection and operating experience. This year, Weidmüller is presenting for the first time the advanced BLADEcontol® Opto, which also provides connections to fibre optic systems.

Field Power® Wind Energy Lighting and Installation System

Based on our well-established FieldPower® series, Weidmüller has developed a complete lighting and supply system especially for wind power installations, which manufacturers of wind power installations can plan into any system as required for the application at hand. We speak of the FieldPower® Wind Energy, which the company will present at the fair. The system includes the FieldPower "Mono" and "Duo" LED lights, pre-assembled cables, a control unit, DC/DC converter and complete power supply systems. The "Control Unit" remote monitoring system provides status messages on the condition of the lighting system and can be easily integrated into existing wind farm systems. As an option, it allows you to control a visual alarm system in the tower. When used as interior lighting in wind power installations, they increase operational safety and help to reduce total operating costs.

Screw Monitoring with Weidmüller Condition Monitoring Systems

As yet another highlight, Weidmüller will present its ultrasound-based screw monitoring system at Husum Wind 2019. Thanks to the application of conductive paint onto a plastic sensor on the screw nut in combination with signal transmission in continuous loop, the screw monitoring system can provide permanent reliable monitoring. As soon as the paint cracks, which is a sure sign of a precarious or already broken screw connection, an automatic alarm is issued which also includes information on which screw is affected. This allows for early detection of screw defects, which can in part help to reduce very costly service and maintenance operations. In connection with additional Condition Monitoring soluitions from Weidmüller, such as BLADEcontrol®, maximum cost efficiency as well as installation security and yield stability can be guaranteed.