Weidmüller RockStar® ModuPlug 200-A module

Weidmüller RockStar® ModuPlug 200-A module
Featuring 100 MBit and 10 GBit, the field-attachable data plug-in connectors attain a new level of data transmission.

Weidmüller RockStar® ModuPlug 200-A module

Field-attachable data plug-in connector up to 10 GBit and new modules with SNAP IN connector – power and signal transfer faster than ever before, can be implemented with savings in time and weight – IP65 and IP68 degree of protection / IP69K – Protection against electromagnetic interference

Weidmüller is expanding its RockStar® portfolio of heavy-duty connectors with a 200 A module and a field-attachable data plug-in connector for transfer rates of up to 10 GBit. The RockStar® plug-in connectors guarantee secure and reliable transfer of power, signals and data in the industrial sector – from the control cabinet to the field. They offer protection in accordance with IP65 and IP68 / IP69K as well as protection against electromagnetic interference. Designed to be modular and space-saving, they ensure high functional density.

The growing complexity of automation processes has made the transfer of ever growing volumes of data at constantly increasing transmission speeds a necessity. For this reason, Weidmüller is constantly expanding its product range to meet the demands of more complex and variable applications in industry. Therefore, the Rockstar® ModuPlug-200-A module is now also available in the "Single Plus 1.5" width. It is significantly narrower than the market standard, while providing the same performance. Thanks to the minimal size, smaller frames and housings can be used, saving space as well as weight. The module is suitable for a wire cross-section of 25–70 mm2.

In addition, the field-attachable versions of the RockStar® ModuPlug data plug-in connector are new. Featuring 100 MBit and 10 GBit, they attain a new level of data transmission. Up to two Cat. 6A cables with 10 GBit each can be integrated in the compact modules. The field-attachable versions make maintenance directly in the application easier and offer even more flexibility. To provide a secure connection, the modules are assembled with crimp contacts on-site. The wide selection of different crimp contacts allows for individual assembly according to the respective requirements.

A 360° shield connection protects against EMC interference even with high transfer rates and confined spaces. The labyrinth structure on the housing allows for secure data transmission, reducing the risk of plant failure and increasing productivity. The conductive and corrosion-resistant surface coating meets high environmental requirements and lowers procurement costs.

In a next step, versions of the RockStar® ModuPlug modules will also be equipped with the SNAP IN connection technology. With the new SNAP IN connection technology, the stripped conductor will be inserted directly into an open connection point and the snap connection will click into place. It goes just as quickly the other way around. Simply press the pusher and the connection point re-opens immediately.

In addition to the new 5-pole RockStar® ModuPlug modules of size 1 with a rated voltage of 400 V (DIN EN 61984) or 600 V (UL/CSA), Weidmüller also offers a completely new module design for pluggable solutions in the IP20 environment. Especially for distribution solutions on the otherwise unused inside of the control cabinet, these new single-level and three-level ModuPlug modules with SNAP IN connection and rated voltage of 250 V (DIN EN 61984) or 600 V (UL/CSA) open up unimagined possibilities for using space, for example in low-voltage switchgear.