Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC)

Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC)
Optimisation of the wiring effort: CAE data can be simply transferred from planning to the WPC.

Weidmüller Wire Processing Center (WPC)

Semi-automated cable assembly and marking – Modular system for communication-capable cable processing machines and printers – Direct EPLAN import and other CAE programmes via CSV file – All machines can also be used in stand-alone mode

Cable assembly, wiring and marking activities in panel building are still time-consuming. There are fully-automated systems for large-scale production, however they are not suitable or profitable for the project business of panel builders, who often need to use classic tools. This is precisely where the Wire Processing Center (WPC) from Weidmüller is advantageous – perfectly coordinated components that are housed on a mobile workstation. This means that the compact workstation can be moved around and positioned wherever it is needed. Improvised working at the panel and having to continually walk back and forth between the installation site and the workstation are things of the past. The WPC comprises a cutting machine, an automatic stripper and crimper and a thermotransfer printer. Furthermore, there are cable feeding systems for cable reels directly on the WPC or the feeding of upstream systems such as for larger cardboard boxes. A rack system for stockpiling consumables is also included. With the WPC, wire cross-sections from 0.5 mm2 to 2.5 mm2 (~ AWG 20 – 14) can also be processed.

The software is intuitive to operate. It navigates the user through the assembly process and controls the correct processing of the individual work steps. This semi-automated cable assembly speeds up the process by up to 80 per cent, as the cable can be automatically cut to the correct length, for example, while the wire markers can be printed. All the operator has to do is attach the markers and insert the wire ends into the automatic crimper. It is adjusted to the correct wire cross-section automatically by the software. This can also prevent operating errors.

The orders can be conveniently visualised and filtered on a 15“ touch screen display, so that all orders with a specific wire cross-section, for example, can be processed one after another, i.e. without a reel change. The operator can, however, also remove individual components from the process sequence, such as if marking should take place directly at the panel at a later point in time. The WPC thus offers additional flexibility, meaning that all components can also be used in stand-alone mode in their respective individual functions. Even short-term changes, which are common in the project business, can be performed directly on the WPC. The operator has complete flexibility to alternate between purely manual operation and a highly-automated process at any time.

Upstream planning software (WPC tool) that gives the planner complete freedom is used for feeding in the assembly data. Data can be imported directly from EPLAN or CSV files, however can also be entered manually. This data can be transferred out of the planning software via the company's internal network directly to the WPC or can be transferred using a USB stick.

The Wire Processing Center can be tailored to the individual workstation and can be integrated into existing structures. If initially only individual components (machine or printer) are used in production, further WPC system components can be easily added at any time. The chassis also offers additional connection options such as USB, power supply and compressed air. With the Wire Processing Center, panel builders are able to optimise their working processes while maintaining the same high level of quality.