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Efficient planning and design-in processes save you valuable time in product development. In addition to our PCB components, we offer a wide range of support tools and services.

From technical specifications, through development and design, to approval and series production, our OMNIMATE® Services can considerably reduce your project expenditure and time to market. Put your trust in our expertise when acquiring information and find the right components for your device quickly and easily with our convenient online tools.

OMNIMATE® videos

OMNIMATE® videos

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A QR code on the product and the packaging leads directly to the corresponding handling video at YouTube. In this Tutorials, individual installation steps can be traced directly during processing.

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The latest trends and technologies in device connectivity

As an expert partner for device manufacturers, we dispose of comprehensive know-how gained from decade-long experience, which we gladly share with you.

In our white papers, we have compiled detailed information about the issues affecting the device manufacturer industry. Experience up-to-date and well-grounded, what has proven successful in practice, and which developments will move your project forward.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Where do you find information? Who is your contact person? What data can you find about our products? Here you find answers to frequent questions

Wire connection technologies

Depending on the requirements and area of use, we’ll offer you the connection system you need. Gather full details on our range of wire connection systems and convince yourself of the benefit to the customer.

Connection for professional wiring wanted?

Take advantage of our specialist knowledge and expertise, inform yourself about the intended use of ferrules with plastic collars.

Norms and standards

For your safety: benefit from the testing and application standards

PCB plug-in connectors are not standardised, they are manufactured and tested along the lines of the current standards.

Product group




PCB terminalsEN 60947-7-1DIN EN 60947-7-1 / VDE 0611IEC 60947-7-1
EN 61984DIN EN 61984 / VDE 0627IEC 61984
 DIN IEC 60512IEC 60512
Not standardized PCB connectorsEN 61984DIN EN 61984 / VDE 0627IEC 61984
DIN IEC 60512IEC 60512 
Feed through terminalsEN 60947-7-1DIN EN 60947-7-1 / VDE 0611IEC 60947-7-1

Types of connection




Screw connectionEN 60999DIN EN 60999 / VDE 0609IEC 60999
Screwless connectionEN 60999DIN EN 60999 / VDE 0609IEC 60999
Crimp connectionEN 60352-2DIN EN 60352-2IEC 60352-2
Solder connectionHD 323.2.2.20S3DIN IEC 60068-2-20IEC 60068-2-20
Wire wrap connectionEN 60352-1DIN EN 60352-1IEC 60352-1
IDC connectionEN 60352-4DIN EN 60352-4IEC 60352-4

Soldering and process

Weidmüller is the leading provider for reflow-compatible products. The connection system can be integrated in the SMT process by means of THR or SMD technology. Our broad product spectrum promotes efficiency in the device manufacture in the electronics sector. Manufacturing costs can be reduced through the use of fully automated connection elements in a single manufacturing process. Find out more in the following about our THR and SMD technology.

Materials and surfaces

We are pleased to provide you with information on the materials, contact surfaces, and insulation materials we use as follows.

Fastening options

Every new design needs different components to provide a suitable solution for your application. For example, the mating connectors on the PCB and in the housing have to meet different requirements. When installing the mating connectors, your customers will expect enhanced features for safety and convenience.

Find the best connectors for your project.

Possible fastening options for male and female connectors on the printed circuit board

Fixing and releasing a plug with the connector/device

Design and processing

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has become established as the common standard for processing electronic assemblies. The connection system can be integrated in the SMT process in two ways: by means of THR (Through-Hole Reflow) or SMD (Surface Mount Device) technology. A combination of both types of mounting is also possible.

Learn more about our THR and SMD components in the following.

THR components

In the through-hole reflow process (THR), components are inserted through a hole in the PCB and then soldered to other SMT components. The special challenge of this method is that the components need to withstand the high temperatures of the SMT process.

SMD components

In the SMT process, the surface-mounted devices (SMDs) are soldered to the PCB with solder pads. The use of SMD components means that it is possible to dispense with wire pins to the components and with the holes normally required for attachment to the PCB.

General information (THR and SMD components)


Derating curve, Creepage and clearance distances

Consulting & Support

Whether you come to us as a device developer, product manager or buyer, we promise you efficiency, speed and tailored solutions. Weidmüller is your perfect partner for PCB plug-in connectors and terminals. You can rely on our expertise and know-how. Working with you, we’ll find the products that meet your requirements.

Consulting & Support

Do you have questions about our products and services or would you like an individual offer? Simply fill out contact form. Our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

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