SNAP IN to the future with Klippon® Connect!

SNAP IN to the future with Klippon® Connect!

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The revolutionary SNAP IN technology impresses with its simple handling: stripped fine-stranded wires are simply inserted into the connection point and the connection point snaps shut audibly. The conductor is permanently and reliably contacted. To release the connection, press the pusher. It couldn't be faster or easier with the smart SNAP IN technology.

Quick, simple and safe – just SNAP it IN!

Faster connections than ever before

The innovative SNAP IN connection technology enables safe wiring in record time. With SNAP IN, even flexible conductors without wire end ferrules can be connected intuitively and without tools, even in fully automated wiring processes. As a pioneer in the field of panel building, we've been shaping the market for years. With the new SNAP IN connection technology, we can take your wiring processes to a whole new level. However, our other connection technologies are just as convincing. Take a look for yourself and find the perfect technology for your plans.

Automated terminal rail assembly

With automated production processes, errors can be avoided, workflows accelerated and costs reduced. This works best with solutions based on each other and thought out down to the last detail. The contours of the new SNAP IN S-Series terminal blocks have been designed to be easily gripped and mounted by industrial robots. This means that there are already no obstacles to automated assembly.

Automated marking

Marking terminal blocks is usually a time-consuming process with a high risk of error. For this reason, the design of the SNAP IN terminal blocs in the S-Series has been optimised for fully automatic laser marking, bringing a time saving of up to 90%. In combination with the Weidmüller Configurator (WMC), the Klippon® Automated RailLaser achieves the highest possible marking quality and lowest possible error rate.

Automated wiring

Full order books and a growing lack of skilled workers are driving digitalisation and automation in control cabinet production. That is why Klippon® Connect SNAP IN terminal blocks are already prepared for tomorrow's automation processes. The simple and safe handling of SNAP IN technology facilitates the use of automated wiring processes and prevents incorrect wiring. Thanks to the launch of the "Smart Cabinet Building" initiative, Weidmüller, Komax, Zuken and Armbruster Engineering are able to provide manual, assisted and fully automated solutions as well as extensive services for panel building.

Thanks to digitalisation and automation, panel building is developing rapidly. By purchasing a Weidmüller RailAssembler, we have already taken the first step towards automated panel building. Terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology are already paving the way towards automated wiring in the near future.

Andreas Bek, Managing Director of B.A.H. Industrial Solution GmbH

Product news

Disconnect terminals and fuse terminals

The new Klippon® Connect fuse terminal blocks with SNAP IN connection technology ensure optimum passive current protection in combination with disconnect terminal blocks. Thanks to SNAP IN connection technology, you can wire your sensors and actuators in the field easily, quickly and safely with a simple "CLICK".

SNAP IN - Video series

SNAP IN - Video series

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In our #TechTalks_WM video series, we focus on our customers' challenges by analysing the causes of these challenges and briefly presenting the Weidmüller solution.

This video tells you about the quick handling of the innovative SNAP IN technology. We'll show you how acoustic, haptic and optical feedback means that you can fully depend on the connection between the conductor and snap-in terminal being secure. Our experts will explain what you need to know about our smart SNAP IN technology and how we're revolutionising panel building.


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This short video (2:16 min.) tells you about the simple handling of the innovative SNAP IN technology.


This is a YouTube video. By clicking on this video, you agree to Google/YouTube's Privacy Policy & Terms of Use . You also agree to our Privacy Policy.

This short video (2:46 min.) tells you more about the safe and innovative SNAP IN technology.

The evolution of a revolutionary idea: Weidmüller terminal blocks – a series of pioneering achievements

As a pioneer in industrial connectivity, we have repeatedly made industrial history with our innovations. This began in 1948 with the first plastic-insulated terminal block, which set standards worldwide. With more than 75 years of experience in industrial connectivity and billions of contacted conductors, Weidmüller terminal blocks are among the safest and most powerful on the market.

The history of Weidmüller terminal blocks

We're the experts when it comes to panel building. How can we so easily make such a claim? As well as having survived successfully on the market for decades, we've regularly shaped the market as a trendsetter and pioneer, and we continue to do so. In 1948, we revolutionised electrical installation with the world's first plastic terminal block. Today, our innovative SNAP IN technology ensures easy, safe and lasting connections that you can depend on. Find out about milestones when Weidmüller has shaped and driven the industry.

Perfect complements

We really value being able to offer you convincing complete solutions. Doing so allows us to ensure the success and safety of your products. For our terminal blocks with innovative SNAP IN technology, too, we offer perfect complements to ensure top efficiency in your company processes. See for yourself by taking a look at our OMNIMATE® 4.0 Series product range, for example. In this range, diverse connectors in combination with SNAP IN technology ensure optimum connection possibilities. Or combine intelligent SNAP IN technology with heavy-duty RockStar® connectors for the reliable and safe transmission of signals, energy and data in industrial applications.


We offer support wherever we can. We make all the information you need about our innovative SNAP IN technology and compatible products available for download here. For example, take a look at the catalogue for our Klippon® Connect terminal blocks and find exactly the right terminal blocks for your plans. Or find out the most important information about our Klippon® Connect terminal blocks with SNAP IN technology in our brochure. With our technologies and products, we ensure innovative solutions.

Consulting & support

Do you still have questions? We have the answers. As pioneers in the panel building market, we're constantly finding new solutions with impressive innovation and efficiency. Our SNAP IN technology is no exception. Our high-quality products meet all your needs and fulfil all of the requirements of today's industrial market with ease. Our competent experts will provide you with assistance and advice. Together, we'll find the perfect solutions for your plans!

Consulting & Support

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