Switch mode power supplies: universally applicable for all applications

Both in 24/7 production facilities and applications with the highest safety requirements as well, as in the field of simple applications in serial machine construction, three decisive factors are particularly important in terms of cost-effectiveness: plant availability, maintenance costs and energy requirements. As a result, the demands made on switch mode power supplies are high. When choosing the right power supply, particular attention should therefore be paid to longevity, energy efficiency and reliability. While space-saving solutions are increasingly becoming the obvious choice due to the ever-increasing range of functions involved, the ability to communicate also plays an increasingly decisive role. Our switch mode power supplies meet all of these product requirements while ensuring that your business remains both efficient and competitive.

Our product range in the field of switching power supplies

Remain competitive thanks to the benefits offered by our switch mode power supplies. We can offer a wide range of solutions to meet your expectations in terms of space, reliability, durability and digital integration in control systems, along with Industrial IoT capabilities (enabler value to be released from your data). Our robust power converters are suitable for almost every application in both domestic and international contexts. You will also find the perfect switch mode power supply for your requirements in the wide range of products detailed in our online product catalogue.

We can also help you identify the right switch mode power supply for your needs. Simply get in touch with our experts to arrange a comprehensive consultation.


PROtop – the innovative power supply

With our innovative PROtop solution you’ll remain competitive, thanks to its long-term reduction of energy costs, increased system availability and high MTBF values. Thanks to the powerful DCL or ORing technology for redundant power supply systems, our PROtop power supply systems are becoming high-flyers in their field. The additional communication capacity provided enables you to control your devices, monitor their status and integrate them into the world of IIoT. With PROtop switch mode power supplies, you can look forward to maximum system availability with moderately low maintenance costs.

  • Optimum efficiency levels (up to 95.3%) for long-term energy savings
  • High dynamic range thanks to unique DCL technology
  • Communication modules for condition monitoring
  • Direct parallel connection by means of integrated ORing MOSFETs
  • Also suitable for explosive atmospheres
  • Wide range of approvals (cULus, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, TÜV, RINA, ATEX and IECEX)

PROtop high-end power supplies: Reliable switch mode power supplies from Weidmüller

PROtop high-end power supplies: Reliable switch mode power supplies from Weidmüller

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High-end power supplies need to perform efficiently and reliably, even in challenging industrial environments while still ensuring a high level of safety. Thanks to the innovative DCL technology, the switch mode power supply supplies used in the PROtop power supply systems benefit from unique impulse energy reserves. Ideal for reliable impulse triggering of circuit breakers or as an additional energy source for powerful motor starts.

PROmax – “the powerhouse”

Power and durability – these are the qualities that differentiate our PROmax switched-mode power supplies from the competition. They can cope with continuous overloads of up to 20%. Even short-term peak loads of 300% occurring with high control cabinet temperatures will not affect these switched-mode power supplies. Offering high levels of scalability and full performance across a wide range of temperatures, they are particularly suitable for demanding requirements and the challenges of automation. Despite their outstanding performance, our products have a small overall width, ensuring that the power supplies will fit into almost any control cabinet. You can combine the products in our PROmax range with our diode and CAP modules or our uninterruptible DC UPS units to find an individual solution that meets your needs.

  • Safe operation with high power reserves up to 60 °C and start-up at -40 °C
  • Capable of handling continuous overload or transient peak loads with ease
  • Suitable for confined spaces thanks to their low width
  • International approvals (cULus, DNV, RMC/ACMA, TÜV)


High performance, compact design and a good price-performance ratio are the main characteristics of the new PRObas power supplies. The product family comprises 12 variants with 5, 12, 24 or 48 V DC output voltage and a wide-range input. All units have comprehensive safety functions and are internationally approved. Due to compatibility with our electronic fuses, DC UPS and diode modules, they are also suitable for setting up power management systems.

  • Compact design with flexible mounting (DIN rail or wall)
  • High efficiency up to 95%
  • -25 bis +70°C wide operating temperature range (Start-Up at -40°C)
  • International approvals (cULus, NEC Class2 and cCSAus)

The best basis for your power supply: PRObas - highly efficient, reliable, affordable

The best basis for your power supply: PRObas - highly efficient, reliable, affordable

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Basic functionality at the highest level High cost efficiency with strong performance and compact design Robust and reliable Universal use thanks to a wide range of variants and international approvals (e.g. cULus, NEC Class2 and cCSAus). Flexible mounting either on mounting rails or screwed directly to the panel wall.

PROeco – “the economical solution”

Above-average performance levels are particularly important if you intend to gain competitive advantages in serial machine construction. In this context, the PROeco series is not only inexpensive but also offers excellent performance and high flexibility while executing all basic functions. Being compact and easy to service, the PROeco switch mode power supplies can be deployed universally in all applications, ensuring both short-circuit and overload resistance as well as strong temperature protection. You can benefit from their extensive safety functions and combine our switch mode power supplies with our capacitance and diode modules and our UPS components to develop a redundant power supply.

  • Up to 93% efficiency even in the “eco” class
  • Compact design: an installation depth of only 100 mm
  • Warnings from a three-colour LED display even with a 90% output current
  • Approvals: cULus and TÜV


Are you looking for single-phase switch mode power supplies that offer a wide power range, good value for money and a compact design? Then our INSTA POWER switch mode power supplies are the solution. Temperature ranges from -25 °C to +70 °C are no problem for these power converters. What’s more, they work with a wide range of voltage inputs and, thanks to their international approvals, can be used across a wide variety of territories. Whether in automation systems with low power requirements or in telecommunications contexts, our switch mode power supplies do the job.

  • Wide power range and compact design
  • Temperature range from -25 °C to +70 °C
  • Wide voltage input range
  • International approvals: (cULus, cCSAus (UL508)) Cl 1. Div. 2. and NEC Class 2 up to 90W, TÜV, RCM/ACMA)


Weidmüller’s PRO PM switch mode power supplies are notable for their unique level of adaptability and are therefore suitable for a wide variety of requirements and applications. This flexibility derives from both the large variety of models available – with output voltages of 5, 12, 24 and 48 V – and the extensive international approvals they have received. With a power range from 35 W to 350 W, our PRO PM switch mode power supplies are suitable for a wide range of standard equipment.

  • Our wall-mounted power supply has been developed for universal usage
  • The power bandwidth ranges from 35 W to 350 W
  • They are extremely flat and offer the perfect fit for micro-applications
  • Approval: cURus

Further product families and accessories for switch mode power supplies

Optimise your power supply with accessories from the Weidmüller product range. For example, by creating a redundant power supply using our modules, you can protect your switch mode power supplies from failure of the 24 VDC control voltage. We have the right product for every requirement and can also help you identify the right solution for your needs.

Redundancy and diode modules for switched mode power supplies

The benefits of establishing a redundant supply are twofold: neither the failure of a switch mode power supply nor that of an individual phase will cause the 24 V DC control voltage to fail. Each redundant branch is capable of supplying the full output load separately.

Online support for switching power supplies

We want to support you in the best possible way. This is why you’ll find all the data and information you need about our systems in the form of manuals, application notes, certificates and much more. To ensure that you have no problems operating our power supplies and that you’re always up to date, you’ll also find further information about our software updates on our website. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our experts at any time. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the ideal power supplies for your needs.

Services for switch mode power supplies from Weidmüller

Benefit from our service provision and market experience with our switched-mode power supplies

Whatever is important to you as regards switch mode power supplies, we’ll always provide you with the best advice. We’ll support you with our comprehensive service levels and ensure that your business is operating as efficiently as possible. From constantly available products to the provision of full product information, we’ll be there to support you. You can also rely on our many years of experience and associated expertise, which we are always happy to share with you. Our experts can be contacted at any time via our customer support service.

Support for power supplies

We offer you optimum support by providing you with full information about every product. Whether certificates, application notes or drawings are involved, you’ll be supplied with everything you need to operate our switch mode power supplies.

Weidmüller Configurator

Our Weidmüller Configurator is a software application you can download with just one click to configure your equipment or control cabinet. You can easily assemble your switch mode power supplies and order your customised product directly from the application.

Time-saving data provision

Our product catalogue includes 3D CAD models in a variety of formats and CAE data that are always available for download. These provide you with comprehensive information about our switch mode power supplies and other products.

Electronic product data for our distribution partners

With our electronic catalogue in BMECat format and other formats, gain rapid access to produce data based on proven standards

Comprehensive solutions for your industry

Thanks to the wide range offered by our various switch mode power supply product families, you can find the right switch mode power supply for most applications. Whether for mechanical and plant engineering, the process industry, shipbuilding, energy, e-mobility or building systems and technology – we can find the ideal solution for your needs. We’ll help you identify a safe power supply that is innovative, powerful and economically appropriate for your application.

Ready for shipbuilding

For navigation systems on ships, the DC supply voltage must be maintained in the event of a power failure - with DC UPS systems from Weidmüller.

Machine or plant construction

We have the industry-specific high-performance solution for you. Whether, for example, buffer modules for systems in continuous operation or our maxGUARD load monitoring system for machine tools. Always customised power.

Regenerative energy generation

In wind turbines, for example, power supplies with a well-coordinated power/cost ratio are used depending on the trade - PROmax power supplies.

Key factor functional reliability - Switch mode power supplies from Weidmüller

For its system solutions in the rail and local public transport industries, HANNING & KAHL relies on technology that the company believes will stand the test of time – including electronic solutions from Weidmüller.

Downloads for switch mode power supplies

We’ll provide you with full product information and expert knowledge. In the portfolio overview for our individual products, you’ll find the answers to any questions you may have. Alternatively, download our product catalogue to identify the specific switch mode power supplies you need.

Consulting & support for our switch mode power supplies

Are you looking for high-quality power management solutions with individual add-on functions that are robust and can be used in an international context? If so, Weidmüller can fulfil your precise requirements. We are your contact and find the right switch mode power supplies that lead to more efficiency and space savings. Whether you’re looking for high reliability, an efficient system or the smallest possible design, we have the answer you need. Rely on our expertise to find the switch mode power supplies that work for you. Our Support Center is always there to help you as well.

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