For high industrial loads

If currents above 10 A have to be switched, standard relays are subject to high wear and quickly reach the limits of their service life. Our power switches has been specially developed to control high AC loads. They are ideally suited for motors or heating elements up to 75 A and can be used in many other power applications.

Our product range

Power-solid-state relays (PSSR)

The solid-state contactors are a high-performance solution for all industrial segments. Our Power-solid-state relays enable noiseless and wear-free switching of industrial loads, such as large solenoid valves, heating tapes or motors.

Solid-state contactors are circuit-breakers without mechanical components. Compared to conventional contactors, they therefore switch wear-free and silently. Thanks to the integrated heat sinks with mounting rail base, they are ready to use for cabinet building. Our Power-solid-state relays are compact (from 17.8 mm width) and powerful. For special applications, we have a variant with a monitoring circuit (current and temperature monitoring) and a variant for switching high DC voltages.

Power-solid-state relays (PSSR)
Your advantages
  • 1-phase and 3-phase solid-state contactors up to 30 A AC and 15 A DC
  • Ready to use with integrated heat sink and mounting rail base
  • Compact design with a width from 17.8 mm
  • Special version for switching high DC voltages
  • DC industry ready with the special version up to 1000 V DC
  • Special version with monitoring circuit


Conventional contactors are oversized for some power applications in which industrial relays wear quickly and only achieve a short service life. This is where our PWR miniature contactors are used. Thanks to switching currents of up to 30 A, a double-break contact and a significantly larger contact gap, they are able to switch industrial loads reliably.

Your advantages
  • 1 NO contact (30 A) and 2 NO contacts (25 A)
  • AgSnO Contact material
  • Double contact to increase contact opening
  • Direct mounting on DIN rail TS35
  • Built-in status indicator


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