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Remote I/O-System u-remote - 10 successful years

Congratulations u-remote! - Happy Birthday to u.
10 years ago, we launched the unique IP20 remote I/O system, which is now a global standard in many automation solutions.

Convincing through simplicity and flexibility as well as compactness and modularity.

And because the requirements in automation, digitalisation and the Industrial IoT are constantly growing, u-remote simply grows with them!

Discover for yourself why the u-remote Next Generation (NG) from Weidmüller's u-mation family is the best solution for your automation task. Discover the next evolutionary step now: Even more performance. Simplified.

We say: "Happy Birthday to u"

We say: "Happy Birthday to u"

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Birthday wishes from all over the world for u-remote. Happy Birthday!

u-remote is turning 10 and its fans all over the world thank Weidmüller for the best remote I/O system in the world.
This is the easy way to automation and the Industrial IoT.

Thank you. And: keep going u-remote

10 cool years of u-remote - Countdown to the Next Generation - an overview

0 + modules

Comprehensive I/O portfolio

Already more than 100 modules for smart remote I/O use.
It's your choice.

50 I/Os

Max. channel density

With up to 64 active I/O modules
per station and 16 channels per module
1024 I/O points come to only 788 mm.

0 Protocols


The modules remain the same, only the gateway changes. u-remote supports the most common fieldbus and network protocols.

2013 | A star is born

2013 | A star is born

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Today like 10 years ago - u-remote is unique! From the pioneer in connection technology.

Zero hour for u-remote. In 2013, Weidmüller's first remote I/O system is installed in the electrical cabinet; developed by the pioneer of Smart Industrial Connectivity. And equipped with many great product features and benefits.
Watch the first product trailer again.

  • Compact design, modularity and flexibility
  • Easy handling - tool-free installation and maintenance
  • Separate power supply for input and output channels with up to 10 A each
  • Hot-swap capability - condition data acquisition even during servicing
  • Integrated web server

2014 | HD - High Density maximises

u-remote with the most compact I/O module on the market

Space often plays a decisive role in the control cabinet. The u-remote HD module results in increased channel density due to its unique I/O connectivity. Simply connect and plug in up to 8 sensors.

  • 32 conductor connections per module
  • Efficient pre-assembly
  • Reliable cutting-clamping technology (IDC)
  • For conductor cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.32 mm²

2015 | Functional safety for machines

u-remote ensures safety in your system

Fail-safe I/O and power supply modules make our remote I/O system u-remote a reliable partner in your control cabinet when it comes to reducing risks and avoiding danger to people and the environment.

  • Highest safety level - SIL 3 according to IEC 62061 / EN 61508 and category 4, PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1
  • Fault-proof feed-in modules - local emergency stop solution without costly, fail-safe control system
  • Fail-safe I/O modules - integrate safety-relevant input and output signals in 1 or 2 channels
  • Fail-safe communication via Profisafe, Fail Safe over EtherCAT or CC-Link IE safety

2016 | Out into the field - IP67

u-remote links the IP20 world with the IP67 world

u-remote takes its first steps out of the control cabinet. Well-dressed, with IP67 protection, it is now ready for use in the field.
Our fieldbus-independent connection of the IP67 I/Os to the IP20 system using a slim gateway module.

  • Up to 15 IP67 modules per IP20 gateway module
  • Total sub-bus cable length up to 50 m
  • Data communication and power supply via one line
  • Automatic addressing of the sub-bus modules when switched on

2017 | u-remote maritime - Ship ahoy!

u-remote can do more than machinery. Also approved for the maritime and offshore sector

u-remote is adapted to the needs of different industries. This is also the case for shipping, for example. The electronics and mechanics are designed to be robust enough to withstand the increased demands.

  • Remote maintenance possible via the Ethernet connection
  • Ready for use in all areas on the ship, from the engine room to the bridge
  • No special modules for marine and offshore applications necessary.
    Certified by the most important classification societies: ABS, BV, Class NK, DNV, KR, LR, PRS, RINA

2018 | IO-Link master module

Parameterisability and extensive diagnostic options down to the field level

Smart integration of field devices into automation - with the IO-Link master from u-remote.

  • Four type A IO-Link ports with up to 500 mA output current each
  • Increased transparency and configurability down to the I/O level
  • Fieldbus/network-independent integration of IO-Link devices
  • One additional standard digital input per port

2019 | u-remote keeps pace

All necessary functions in one module - Stepper motor control with u-remote

With the new, compact stepper motor module from u-remote, small but precise positioning tasks with up to 256 microsteps can be controlled completely autonomously.

  • Power amplifier up to 50 W
  • Wide range voltage input from 12 to 50 V DC
  • Integrated and parameterisable inputs and outputs
  • Web-based configuration tool

2020 | IO-Link configurator

u-remote is the smart solution for smart devices

With the new IO-Link configurator, IO-Link devices can be integrated, configured and monitored in the simplest way.

  • Web-based tool for easy access without software installation
  • IODD import for displaying and accessing any IO-Link devices
  • Saving project files
  • Unit configuration independent of PLC fieldbus system

2021 | u-remote goes HART®

u-remote is pretty HARD®

Integrate intelligent HART® devices into flexible automation solutions. The u-remote HART® master module is not only tough, but now also understands the "Highway Addressable Remote Transducer" - the HART® communication protocol for short.

  • Up to 20 HART® devices per module (5 per channel) through multi-drop mode
  • One dedicated HART® modem per channel
  • Integration, configuration and analysis possible via FDT/DTM technology
  • Single connection (point-to-point) or multiple connection (multidrop)

2022 | The first TSN coupler

Gigabit Ethernet for Industrial IoT

u-remote enables accurate data acquisition and pre-processing. With Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN), u-remote already meets the requirements of tomorrow: time synchronisation, prioritisation of critical data streams and strict compliance with time guarantees.

  • Connection of 64 modules with one system supply
  • Up to 1 Gbit /s transfer rate on the network
  • 2 Ethernet ports (with integrated switch)
  • Fieldbus protocol: CC-Link IE TSN

2023 | The u-remote Next Generation Product innovation

Future-proof: even more performance thanks to the next generation of the u-remote backplane bus. ​

u-remote- The next evolutionary stage with a new backplane bus. Fit for the future - for even more applications.

We have prepared a birthday present for our u-remote fans.
The IP20 remote I/O system is undergoing an upgrade. It is even more performant and still combines all the advantages in the best I/O system for automation and the Industrial IoT.

The backplane bus has been optimised and all couplers and modules are now equipped with a stronger chip. Even more performance, degrees of freedom and safety with the u-remote NG in your application!

  • 192 Mbit/s instead of previously 48 Mbit/s data transfer rate
  • 128 byte/ms instead of previously 16 byte/ms Process data rate for inputs and outputs
  • Full compatibility of NG modules and couplers with previous versions

u-remote NG from Weidmüller. Even more performance. Simplified.

Integrated web server

Calling while the ward is running

Maximum modularity

Frames, modules, connectors - field-terminable

Hot Swap for you

Module removal during operation

The best I/O system

Even more performance. Simplified.

FAQs - u-remote Next Generation

u-remote is the all-rounder for many applications

The Next Generation - made for Industrial IoT and Automation

Data acquisition, pre-processing and communication as well as analysis. This is no problem with the new u-remote family. The new backplane bus is ideally suited for this - with u-remote NG there is now:

Even More Performance. Simplified.

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