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Make perfect crimping the rule. Because with every truly durable crimp connection, you make installations more reliable and safe. You also save an infinite amount of time during installation. That's provided you use Weidmüller's high-quality precision crimping tools. They enable you to quickly and easily make perfect crimp connections that last and comply with all international standards and regulations. And because every user is different, we provide you with a wide selection of ergonomic products. You are guaranteed to find the right tool in our diverse range of mechanical crimping tools.

The benefits at a glance

Always crimps correctly

Always crimps correctly

Our universal crimp dies with spring compensation adjust automatically. This increases crimp quality and prevents user errors.

Fits well in your hand

Fits well in your hand

Well thought-out mechanics and clever geometries ensure easy and fatigue-free operation.

Never lets you down

Never lets you down

Due to our high-quality standards, our crimping tools remain reliable for many years.

Crimping as instructed – this is how it's done

If you want durable crimp connections, you can't afford to make mistakes. For a real quality crimp, you need craftsmanship, coordinated tools, and matching wire-end ferrules. There are also international standards and regulations that set out criteria for a perfect crimp connection. These include DIN EN 60352-2, which also describes the advantages of crimping, how to achieve the necessary tensile strength, and how to avoid typical mistakes. Want to know more? We have compiled the most important information on crimping in our whitepaper.

Do's and don'ts in crimping

There are many things you can do wrong when crimping. It starts with the cutting of the conductor. A clean, right-angled, and above all crush-free cut is the best basis for the crimping process. Then remove a piece of the conductor insulation – without damaging the conductor. How much insulation to remove depends on the terminal or contact used. After stripping the insulation, a suitable contact or wire-end ferrule can be crimped onto the end of the cable.

The following DO's and DON'Ts should be observed for the perfect connection:


Formation of cracks at the sides.Sides split open


Formation of cracks at the impressions of the crimping jaw


Crimping asymmetrically Burr formation on one side


Single conductor squeezed off


Single conductor pushed back


Let conductor strands protrude approx. 1 to 2 mm from the copper tube

Product news

PZ 2.5 – the smallest professional crimping tool for wire end ferrules


The handiest way to crimp

With the PZ 2.5, Weidmüller has developed a compact crimping tool especially for wire-end ferrules in the cross-section range from 0.14 to 2.5 mm². By focusing on small cross-sections, it was possible to keep the size, weight, opening width, and actuating force of the new tool small – without compromising on crimp quality. The result is currently the smallest professional crimping tool for wire end ferrules on the market.

  • 30 % smaller grip width
  • 30 % smaller opening angle
  • 30 % less weight
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Best crimp quality

Product range

Make better work the rule – with our crimping tools

Crimping tools for wire end ferrules

For conductor cross-sections from 0.14 mm² to 50 mm²

Crimping tools for insulated connectors

For conductor cross-sections from 0.5 mm² to 6 mm²

Crimping tools for non-insulated contacts

For conductor cross-sections from 0.5 mm² to 25 mm²

Mechanical and electro-hydraulic crimping tools

For tube terminals, crimp terminals, and crimp terminals with conductor cross-sections from 6 mm² to 400 mm² as well as for wire-end ferrules from 25 mm² to 185 mm²

Crimping tools for cable-lug connectors and sleeves

For conductor cross-sections from 0.1 mm² to 6 mm² and plug widths of 2.8 mm 4.8 mm and 6.3 mm

Crimping tools for modular plug-in connectors

For crimping 4-pole WE-plugs, 6-pole WE-plugs (RJ12 or DEC), and 8-pole WE-plugs (RJ45)

Crimping tools for coaxial connectors

E.g. for BNC, TNC, N connectors

Crimping tools for turned/stamped contacts

E.g. for HD, HE, HX contacts, ConCept M10, M5 and M3 contacts, SUB-D, RSV, ZRV, DFF and AFK contacts

Cutting, stripping and crimping tool

Multifunctional tool for wires and wire end ferrules from 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm²

Miscellaneous crimping tools

E.g. for uninsulated flat connectors, PV, and glass fibre connectors as well as cable connectors

Videos Crimping

Handling videos for our crimping tools

Handling videos for our crimping tools

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Want to know more? Then visit our YouTube playlist. Here you will find many videos in which you can learn more about our high-quality tools and how they work.

Perfect complements

Downloads and Whitepaper

Interesting facts about crimping – in our Whitepaper

What is crimping? How do you make a perfect crimp connection? With which tools do you achieve the best results? These and many other questions about crimping are answered in detail in our whitepaper.

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