The framework behind all use cases

The way to the Industrial IoT does not have to be complicated. Whether access to valuable data is required or new, data-driven services are to be generated, we enable our customers to go from data to value, the easy way.

Our comprehensive and cutting-edge IIoT portfolio applies for both, greenfield and brownfield applications. We offer components and solutions from data acquisition, data pre-processing, data communication and data analysis.

From data to value - the Industrial IoT portfolio

Data acquisition - portfolio

The easy way to the Industrial IoT

Acquire data reliably.

Gain access to valuable data and information in greenfield and brownfield applications

  • Digital data acquisition via interfaces to many controllers and machines
  • Acquisition of sensor data with the I/O system u-remote (IP20 and IP67)
  • Provision of energy data and process information via Energy Meter or PROtop power supplies
  • Acquisition and replication of analogue signals using analogue signal converters

Data pre-processing - portfolio

The easy way to the Industrial IoT

Pre-process data locally with IoT Edge technology.

Reduce data flows and costs, while generating initial insights on the spot

  • Uniform web-based engineering for pre-processing and visualisation
  • Data acquisition and pre-processing with u-control web with IoT functionality (optional real-time data processing)
  • IoT Gateway for Industrial IoT solutions with mobile interfaces
  • High performance integrated into compact IPCs with Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors

Data communication - portfolio

The easy way to the Industrial IoT

Transport data reliably via network infrastructure.

Provide the IT systems with valuable information from the plant

  • Cross-network communication at the highest security level with the security routers
  • Efficient networking of a wide range of network participants with managed and unmanaged Switches
  • Establishment of wireless network connections for mobile end devices via Industrial WLAN

Data analytics & business logic - portfolio

The easy way to the Industrial IoT

Creating added value through data analysis.

Achieve concrete added value in your use case with data-driven, digital services

  • Individual, platform-independent services for your specific application with the cloud platforms
  • Consolidation and analysis of your resource and energy usage through optimal resource management
  • Generate maximum added value from data based on artificial intelligence using Industrial Analytics
  • Fast, worldwide service without the need of in-depth IT knowledge with the Remote Access u-link

Exemplary use cases